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Things to do in Nashik

Heritage walk Nashik

Heritage walks


Walk through the narrow lanes of old Nashik and discover the quintessential temples, vintage buildings, museums, and experience the spiritual, historical, and cultural side  of Nashik. The soul of a city often lies with its  people, so get out there and explore. 

Treks in Nashik


Treks and trails

Explore the majestic waterfalls whilst you trek through the lush green valleys of the picturesque Sahyadris, which is one of the most fascinating hill ranges of the western ghats in India, and is a  perfect destination for nature lovers. 

Kumbh mela


Celebrated once every 12 years, Kumbh mela is one of the largest peaceful gatherings of millions of people all around the world and has been inscribed in the UNESCO’S list of cultural heritage of humanity.

Celebrated at four different locations in India at different times, it's a ritual of taking a dip in the holy river, as it is believed that it cleanses your soul and washes away your sins. Nashik is one of the places to experience this religious fervour.

Kumbh mela Nashik



Cycle your way through the beautiful country side or ride through the narrow lanes and bazaars of old Nashik, it will take you through its varied landscapes while introducing you to its rich cultural and historical heritage.

Things to do in Nashik
Camping in Nashik



India is rich and diverse with its culture and landscapes. Nashik in the western state of Maharashtra is blessed with some amazing sites which are perfect for camping, where you can experience the joys of being away from the city life amongst nature.

Vineyards in Nashik



The Napa valley of India, Nashik is home to more than 30 wineries. Unwind in the open meadows, witness the crimson sunset surrounded by the scenic vineyards while sipping on some of the finest wines in the country. These vineyards offer wine tours, and host music festivals which attracts people from around the world.



Nashik has plenty of evergreen forests, wetlands and grasslands like Nandur madhyameshwar, and Mamdapur Blackbuck conservation reserve which attracts a lot of migratory birds like Bonellis’s eagle, Flamingo, Indian vulture, etc  making it a suitable destination for birding. The winter months starting from November to February is the best time.

Nandur madhyameshwar bird watching


Museums & galleries

Indulge yourself in the rich and well documented history of Indian currencies, mineral treasures of earth, weapons, coins and artefacts. Nashik has one of Asia's biggest artillery museums which displays number of vintage and modern weapons.

Sarkarwada museum Nashik
Nashik holi



While everyone celebrates ‘Holi’ in India, we in Nashik celebrate ‘Rang panchami’. It’s an old tradition from the Peshwa era where large temporary pools known as ‘Rahaad’ scattered around the old parts of the city are filled with colourful water and flower petals. The locals celebrate by jumping in the pools and getting drenched in the colored water. Best experienced by walking through the narrow lanes of old Nashik, and dancing to the beats of Nashik dhol. Definitely a must to do, to experience the zest of Nashik.

Nashik misal


Food tour

Taste the most delectable, mouth watering and lip-smacking street food while you travel across India. Just like its cultural diversity, we have a vast culinary diversity as well; experience the contrasting and flavourful food of Nashik, a mix of traditional Maharashtrian cuisine like Misal pav, to Samosas, Chaats, Jalebis, and much more.

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